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Plume Frames

$32.00 USD

Our Plume Frames are expertly engraved with a plumage design by skilled artisans.

Metal engraving is an art form that dates back over 500 years to the time of the Rajput Kings in West India.

Kings encouraged local wood craftsmen to integrate carved designs in their work. Large palaces, havelis, forts, and local houses in villages still carry traditionally carved antique doors and furniture.

Metalcraft artisans make frames and boxes with raw materials such as sustainably harvested wood and MDF, a material made from recycled wood fibers. The metal engravings are produced with upcycled and salvaged materials such as aluminum, bronze, and brass.

Accommodates a 4" x 6" or 3" x 3" print or photograph.

Due to the nature of the materials, expect color variations from pictured item.

Handmade in India.

MATERIALS: Metal, MDF board, glass






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