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Bay Garland Travel Tin Candle

$12.00 USD

A sublimely fragrant garland, constructed with just-gathered bunches of bay laurel leaves, sprigs of peppermint and sweet clusters of black currants. A fresh, modern fragrance interpretation of aromatic and fruity.

The perfect size for travel or the small window ledge in your bathroom, these winsome candles come replete with their own matches.

2 wicks, 2.75 oz, 24 hour burn time


Made in


Before lighting trim wicks to 1/4" and remove any debris from the candle. Avoid drafts, and burn away from flammable materials. Burn on a level, heat-resistant surface. Candle surface will be hot when lit; allow to cool before moving. Discontinue use when 1/4" wax remains. 

Burn candle within sight. Keep away from flammable materials. Keep away from children and pets. 

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