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Pops of Green

Posted on June 04 2018

Pops of Green
I can't pinpoint exactly why but the color green, especially in the darker shades, have been incredibly captivating lately. Maybe it's because the trees are finally turning and we're heading into the season where every shade of green is brashly on display. Oh summer, I've missed you! I always associate green with life. 
It's no mistake almost every stylized photo of a room you see in a magazine, Pinterest or the like has a plant in it! It's what makes the picture pop and brings the space right out of the flatness of the pages. Well, if you haven't noticed, check your Pinterest feed again. 
So, in honor of the greenness of the season and the general power the color has in a space, I've scoured some of the best uses of it I've seen in some unexpected places. Hopefully, it'll inspire you to be a little bold with color! 


Be good to the earth.

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