Meet The Bloggers

Meet The Bloggers

Since you will be hearing from us constantly, we thought we'd say hello and answer some speed dating questions about us - that's how people get to know each other right? I'd like to say that we are going to keep this strictly about home decor and sustainability but we'll likely end up discussing our favorite types of peanut butter (chunky, always). 

Laura and I have been working together for as long as I can remember. From destroying our grandmother's flowers to make "food" to this absolute dream of a passion project. Don't be fooled, our main job is to keep each other's crazy in a box and veto weird ideas from getting out into the world, ex: when Laura wanted to name our venture Tucan or Banana Penguin (<- NOT A JOKE).

Okay, here's a bit about us that you did/didn't want to know... 

What's one thing everyone should try at least once? 
Traveling alone. 
What dumb accomplishment are you most proud of?
Successfully grabbing a stuffed animal out of those impossible claw machines... (not proud of how much money it took though).
What could you give a 40-minute presentation on with absolutely no preparation?
Creative writing or journaling.
Favorite design project?
EVERYTHING about the White Sails project by Raili Clasen of Raili CA Design, especially the bathrooms. She just brought some great ideas to life and there's a real California Cool vibe to it. 
Favorite designers at the moment?
The list is long but Chango & Co and Brooke Wagner are my sweethearts.
Favorite home trend?
I'm loving concrete counter tops. It's such a nice punch of texture.
Favorite thing about Simone?
Comebacks so sharp they can cut marble.


What did you think you would grow out of but haven’t?
The Sims. I still stay up playing it sometimes. 
What skills would you like to master?
Calligraphy, juggling, and piano.
What would be your ideal way to spend the weekend?
Books, lots of them. Cold weather. Chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.
Favorite design project?
Definitely the Marigold Project by Brooke Wagner Design, the front entrance is dreamy. 
Favorite designers at the moment?
Becki Owens and Justina Blakeney just to name two, but the list is long. 
Favorite home trend?
Artisan tiles! Clé and Fireclay Tiles.
Favorite thing about Laura?
She's passionate about her Oxford commas.


Be good to the earth.

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